Who will you hear from at the opening
 'State of the Global Cruise Industry'
Keynote Session?




  • Frank Del Rio President & CEO, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.
  • Arnold Donald President & CEO, Carnival Corporation & plc
  • Richard Fain Chairman & CEO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
  • Pierfrancesco Vago Executive Chairman, MSC Cruises

What will be discussed in the session?

The cruise industry's order book has reached a historic high, with 48 ocean-going cruise ships to be delivered by 2019 and a total of 75 orders confirmed until 2026. It is widely predicted that demand for cruising will continue to grow, and as that occurs, the industry is coming together to introduce new regions, both as source markets and destinations for cruise ship deployment.

With more ships and higher demand, cruise lines are prioritizing the delivery of an unparalleled guest experience through onboard amenities and new technologies. Additionally, the cruise industry are innovators in environmental technologies, leading the maritime community in creating environmentally-conscious vacation experiences.

Through four innovative CruiseTalks, the industry's leading executives will deliver influential speeches on the key topics affecting our industry, including: Technology & Innovation, Shipbuilding, Destination Planning, and Environmental & Safety Practices.


What is included in my package?

What other conference sessions will there be?

  • Creating the Perfect Shorex Combination 
  • Cruise Port and Destination Networks 
  • Design & Interiors over Land and Sea
  • Energy Consumption & Alternative Fuels                              
  • Port Capacity – to Invest or Not?
  • Operational Information Management & Big Data
  • The Future of Cruising in Europe   
  • The Future of Cruising in Asia & Australasia
  • Innovation in Environmental Stewardship
  • What Makes for a Great Guest Experience?
  • Who’s building; who’s refurbishing, where, why and what?
  • Innovation in Shorex: A look into a consumer’s mind
  • The Future of Cruising in the Americas & Caribbean
  • Expedition/Adventure Cruising & the Polar Code
  • What’s next in sales and marketing: how can cruise learn from other sectors of the travel industry?
  • Public Health
  • Partnerships: Finding the Perfect Fit 
  • The Wellness Trend

When: 13-16 March 2017

Where: Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward County Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale, USA